Hand Bouquet Styles for All Occasions

Hand Bouquet Styles for All Occasions
Flowers are everywhere surrounding people, yet there are only so much ways their beauty can be shown to the world. Florists, in particular, have the special skill of arranging flowers so that more people can appreciate them. They have flower baskets, hampers, and hand bouquets, among others. Most consumers are not even aware that these style and designs in flower arrangement exist. If they do not have a reason to make a simple online search, they would not even know that there are various ways they can give or send flowers singapore to their loved ones. 

Fortunately, florists delivery Singapore have creative insights and have design templates prepared for different special occasions all year round. Below are just some of the most popular special occasions that consume flowers, particularly the hand bouquet, more than the other occasions throughout the year. 
Hand bouquets as birthday flowers are often colorful, and they come in different style—mostly depending on the receiver’s favorite flower, preference, mood, style, and even attitude. The more information you give to your florist about the receiver, the more they can decide which flower and style is best suited to give to them on their birthday. Of course, every birthday is special, but there are celebrations that demand more attention than the others. Some of the examples are quinceanera, sweet 16 parties, and debut celebrations. They often require more than just a hand bouquet as these parties can be grand and certain flower arrangements are needed to make them beautiful.

School functions such as proms and homecoming dances are always exciting—both for the students and the faculty organizing the events. Some students entirely disregard the corsage-on-the-wrist tradition and just go for a same day flower delivery of a lovely hand bouquet if it makes their outfit stand out more. If you have a squad and you do everything together, perhaps all of you can even get bouquets (with different styles, of course) and arrive in your prom’s venue in a wave of beautiful floral blast. When choosing a hand bouquet for your prom, be sure that it does not clash with your outfit, else it will just be a waste of money.

The wedding industry is probably the number one consumer of hand bouquets. They would need a lot for the bridesmaids, flower girls, and, most especially, the brides. Bridal bouquet Singapore are more special, but the rest of the entourage still need bouquets for their march in the aisle. The hand bouquet for weddings come in different styles, and the brides can choose among the templates of their online florist or request a new style with their own specifications.