Definition of love
  1. 1a (1) :  strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties maternal love for a child(2) :  attraction based on sexual desire :  affection and tenderness felt by lovers After all these years, they are still very much in love. (3) :  affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests love for his old schoolmatesb :  an assurance of affection give her mylove
  2. 2:  warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion love of the sea
  3. 3a :  the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration baseball was his first loveb (1) :  a beloved person :  darling —often used as a term of endearment (2)British —used as an informal term of address
  4. 4a :  unselfish loyal and benevolent (see benevolent 1a) concern for the good of another: such as (1) :  the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2) :  brotherly concern for othersb :  a person's adoration of God
  5. 5:  a god (such as Cupid or Eros) or personification of love
  6. 6:  an amorous episode :  love affair
  7. 7:  the sexual embrace :  copulation
  8. 8:  a score of zero (as in tennis)
  9. 9capitalized, Christian Science :  god

at love

  1. :  holding one's opponent scoreless in tennis

in love

  1. :  inspired by affection
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